Cruel Jewel 50 – 05.17.2013

4 thoughts on “Cruel Jewel 50 – 05.17.2013”

  1. You and Harley were great companions through the long hours in the black cold night. That race was a real test of will as well as strength. And looking at that picture of you two coming in side by side on the gravel walk at the end I’d say you killed it – y’all look great. Thank you for letting me run with you guys. It may seem weird, but the day after the race, and I know it was brutal, but I feel like a kid that just got off the worst roller coaster ride of his life, saying let’s do it again daddy! Focusing on the thrills of the race and not the almost bleak feelings we were expressing about 3am or so. I look forward to seeing you again at races and perhaps some training runs.

  2. Wow…another great summary Holly….nicely done. While I can’t understand the desire to participate in a 50+mi event through the night, I do appreciate y’alls appetite for adventure, determination and fitness. Best of luck in the North Face race!!

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