Countdown to Marathon


October 21, 2012 by trailcats

(by Harley)

Next weekend Holly and I are signed up for a marathon—the Ridge to Bridge in Brown Mountain Beach, North Carolina. This will be my 3rd marathon attempt, and it’s not looking pretty.

1st Failure: I was in my top shape about 10 years ago living in Littleton, Colorado. I was under-employed and spent my time trail running around Deer Creek Canyon Park and Mt. Falcon Park in the Denver foothills. I ran the flat 2.5 mile loops at Washington Park at around an 8-minute mile pace, and eventually built up to 15-mile runs 3-4 times a week. I circled my calendar for the Boulder Marathon, and with about a month before the race ran my longest ever—20 miles at Wash Park. The next 4 weeks I had debilitating knee tendonitis that flared after 2-3 miles into any run. So no marathon.

2nd Failure: A year and a half ago I set my sights on a trail marathon in Winder, GA.  My fitness was up and down in the 9 years since living in Colorado. 5 mile runs felt long, and I was a little soft in my gut, so this was a goal marathon to help me get back into shape. 4 weeks into my training, I did a 9-mile run—then my limit. And then foot pain (ball of foot) knocked me off my schedule. The pain persisted for about a year, and so no marathon.

3rd Attempt is next week. Technically I’ve already run a marathon. A month ago we ran the Buncombe 55k—which turned out to be 35 miles, with the last 5 more of a walk/run into the finish as I developed right knee pain. Holly and I celebrated our first marathon together at the 27 mile marker. But here’s the dealio—that knee tendonitis has persisted all month and still flares up after about 3 miles. I’ve taken it fairly easy over the last month, so that leaves me still in pain and not in my best shape! Since I know I can do the distance, I’m inclined to start. Since it will be a pleasant day, I know I can crawl to the finish with fall colors in full effect. But I’ll still be looking for my first real marathon.


One thought on “Countdown to Marathon

  1. Amanda Baxter says:

    Good luck Harley! We will be cheering you on from NYC!

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