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July 29, 2012 by trailcats

(post 7/28/12)

This week has been an awesome running week for me. I am happy to report some firsts: longest distance ran per previous post (17 miles); the most miles run in a week (50!!!); my first GU (peanut butter); my first time running with a hydration vest; and my first bee sting while running (Harley has had two so far this summer).

So the devil is in the details. Luckily it doesn’t feel so devilish.

50 miles in a week occurred as follows: Sun – 17 at Kennesaw, Mon – rest, Tues – 6 on Sope Creek trails; Wed – 10 on the Kolb Farm loop at Kennesaw, Thurs – 10.5 at Sope Creek, Fri – 5.5 at Sope Creek, Sat – 1 mile around neighborhood (to make an even 50 and my first time to run on asphalt in over 2 months!). I can’t believe it has been since mid-May since I have run on the road.  I mean, I have become a bit of a trail snob lately. It’s hard not to be snooty about it when I feel like one trail mile equals 1.25 road miles once you factor in all the climbs, steep descents, switchbacks, roots, rocks, mud and fallen leaves. On the flipside – trail runners have a very nice reprieve from the blazing sun.

First GU. I was very hesitant about this stuff. One, I thought the texture would be upsetting to a stomach in motion despite others’ great success with the goo! Two, I actually liked the flavor and it gave me a much needed boost when I easily could have bonked. (I also tried my first Hammer Endurolyte tabs. I’ll rate them later once I’ve actually used them correctly). Three, I thought it would be a little messier but I didn’t get that sticky and the trash was easily stowed in my new Nathan HPL 020 hydration/running vest. Which brings me to…

My new Nathan HPL 020 hydration vest. I did my Wednesday run with the Camelbak vest and it really scratched up my back and it was a little bouncier than on my 17 miles – so it got returned to REI today. I love REI and their easy return policy a la Nordstrom and I am proud to say that this was the first time I ever felt like I took advantage of it. At least I bought my new vest there, I rationalized. I didn’t go with the Nathan vest originally because it was 1) more expensive ($90 versus $65); 2) I didn’t think it had as much storage as the Camelbak; 3) the actual water reservoir isn’t as easy to use as the Camelbak’s (I mean – didn’t Camelbak invent the reservoir?); and 4) I thought the pockets in the front would get in the way of my arm swing. Well…1) yes it was more expensive but I have found the same vest on discount websites for ~$60 (I still went with REI in case I had to exchange it again and I felt guilty about returning the used one AND most importantly – I didn’t want to wait for it in the mail!). 2) I actually feel like the storage space was comparable to the Camelbak when all was said and done, especially with the pockets in front. 3) Well Three…the water reservoir is not as user-friendly but the pros outweighed the cons and I’m getting used to it. 4) I LOVE the pockets in the front. They do not get in the way of my arm swing and I like having some things so easily accessible: some GU and nuts, my phone (for GPS – when it works), and my sweat rag! All in all I give it 5 stars.

Bee sting. Bless Harley’s heart. He’s been stung twice now while running. It’s a little disconcerting at first but I swear the bee venom (?) gave me a boost…or was it the adrenaline? We decided we would play a game involving the bee stings that is reminiscent of the basketball game H-O-R-S-E. You earn a letter of our last name with every sting. The one who gets the last sting/letter – wins. I mean, we can’t very well make that person the loser after they just got stung!

What will this next week bring? I’m supposed to do a 22-miler tomorrow. But since today was my last day of my summer semester and I feel like I aced my final – I might be worse for wear tomorrow! In which case – I can try the run on Monday. Our first trail race is this coming Saturday – the Still Hollow Half Marathon in Chattanooga! Holla!


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