Another day, another mile


July 29, 2012 by trailcats

New longest distance and running time for me. 22-22.5 miles in 4:15 (that includes a 10 minute pit stop) which is finally less than a 12:00 pace (actually it was 11-11:30). The hardest part of today was doing this alone. Harley was out of town being a great brother and uncle and celebrating his niece’s recent nuptuals in Indiana. And before you come at me with me, Why didn’t you go Holly!!!, let me just say that I had an final exam yesterday – score: 95! Needless to say there was some celebrating involved last night with my dear friend Helene. We had a little vice-night on the porch and around 3:30 this morning I was definitely thinking today’s run would have to be postponed until tomorrow.

But after doing one of my least favorite chore around the house – watering the yard – I decided to hit the trails at Kennesaw. And the ibuprofen was kicking in!

The first 11.5 miles were easy peasy. Well, with the exception of a couple tumbles in the first 8 miles. I decided that Kennesaw Mountain doesn’t like prideful people. The first time I fell, I was thinking of taking a pic of myself to send to Harley. The second time was when I realized what a good pace I had and was being very self-congratulatory. I became humble Holly after this.

I made it to the visitor’s center in two hours. This was perfect timing for my water to runtime ratio. My goal for today was 1) to actually do the 22 miles and 2) to continue to hone my eating on the run plan. Today’s nutrition included: one GU, one CHIA Surge (the tapioca texture will take some getting used to), a packet of Honey Stingers (I loved these little orange-flavored gummies), a Clif Bar, some trail mix (peanuts, M&Ms, raisins), Hammer Endurolytes x 2, and Salt Stick caps x 2. I refilled my water, refueled and hit the trail again.

It was around mile 12-13 that I was really longing for some company. Harley called halfway into the run and I actually talked to him for ½ a mile! That was a real nice treat and pick-me-up. Hmmm….I guess I could have turned the speaker phone on and put my phone back in the front pocket and “ran” with him? He said he thought the Sidney Sheldon audiotape I checked out for him was a little cheesy – how much worse could it have been for him to listen to my heavy breathing and occasional commentary from the trail?

In any case, I was doing okay until the last three miles. They were a little bitchy. My right knee and both ankles started nagging. I slowed my pace and shortened my stride and just hung in there. It wasn’t easy and it definitely wasn’t pretty (neither was I)! But I did it!!! 22+ miles!!!

Next up: compression calf sleeves. They are accompanying me on my next long run.

And now to decide what’s for dinner: pasta bolognese, burgers or steak? I like decisions like this…

2 thoughts on “Another day, another mile

  1. kati says:

    I love that you were able to “talk” to Harley! This is an amazing accomplishment humble Holly!! Very proud!

  2. H-bert says:

    Way to go with this blog…and for doing some big power miles! Can’t wait for this weekend: Rock/Creek Still Hollow Trail Race in Chattanooga, TN! (

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