A Brick in Smyrna


July 17, 2012 by trailcats

(by Holly)

I’ve done this brick a few times recently, but only yesterday did Harley join me to get a taste for it. Per Harley, a “brick” is a bike/run combo. We’ve lived in our house almost 5 years now and used to think we had to pack up our bikes to ride part of the Silver Comet trail. Only recently did I discover just how easy it was to ride to the start from our house – just 4 miles of good sidewalk (most on the Cumberland Connector) to the start near Nickajack Elementary. This easy brick is 4 miles to the start, another 1.2 miles to the Fontaine trailhead, then down Fontaine to Heritage Park where we park and run 3.4 miles of the well-maintained in/out trail. In total it’s about 11.5 miles of bike and then the 3.4 miles run. It’s a great way to mix it up on shorter run days.

Yesterday’s brick had a surprise deluge at the halfway point and we were stunned to see that the rain had completely bypassed the earlier part of the trail which remained dry. I’m not sure – as it’s still early in the day – but today just might be a rest day as my Achilles are nagging me again. I iced up my right knee and both feet pretty good last night – but alas, they nag.


One thought on “A Brick in Smyrna

  1. Amanda Baxter says:

    I love the new blog and reading about your adventures. My brother and Jennifer are very much into running – lots of full and half marathons and trail running. Today they completed a half up Vail Mountain! Good luck with all your training. Xo

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